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2019 laser industry popular products

500W-1000W Handheld Laser Welding machine

The laser cleaning market is heating up in 2018, and the handheld laser welding market is exploding in 2019. Similar to laser cleaning, handheld laser welding equipment has low cost, easy and flexible operation, beautiful and solid welds, can be used to weld complex workpieces of various specifications and irregular shapes, and can also be used for outdoor welding of kitchenware, doors and windows and other products. 

50W MAX Smart Laser Cleaning Machine For Rust Removal.

Portable design

Compact overall system structure

Integrated backpack and pull rod for easy carrying
Backpack is ergonomically designed
Maximum balance of backpack weight
Achieve decompression effect

Consumer electronics surface marking_3W  5W  UV Laser Marking Machine

The hot sales of Apple products have also promoted the development of the UV laser marking industry, and at the same time, the surface marking of consumer electronics has entered a UV era. Due to the special materials of 3C products, the high requirements for light spots make traditional optical fiber marking machines unable to meet the requirements, especially the products of UV materials, which are more critical for the absorption of light sources. UV lasers show their unique advantages. The light source is cooler, the spot quality is higher, the line width that can be marked is narrower, and the heat effect is smaller. In the future, the development of electronic products will be more inclined to fine processing, and UV lasers can just meet the needs of the industry.


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