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Application of laser marking machine on tablet computer LOGO

In order to show their brand, tablet computer manufacturers will mark their own logo and some text information on the back of the product. These brand logos that look very beautiful and unique have extremely high requirements for engraving. The engraving LOGO must ensure that the back cover is not squeezed or worn.

Traditional marking technology uses silk screen to print on the surface. Silk screen printing ink is heavy, not delicate, difficult to follow, the printing effect is not ideal, and it has serious pollution to the environment.

Laser marking mechanical and electrical conversion efficiency is high, air-cooled cooling, small size, good output beam quality and high reliability. The laser marking machine is used to carry out the LOGO and the manufacturer's identification on the tablet computer. The laser beam is used to mark the product without contact, and the marking is beautiful and permanent without pollution, and the security is high. Therefore, laser marking machines are favored by more and more manufacturers.


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