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How to improve the life of laser marking machine

How to improve the life of laser marking machine:

Now more and more customer choose to add the Laser marking machine on their production line, so the optical fiber laser marking machine is more or less cost-effective in the working process. Usually, with the longer the use time, the working capacity will be reduced to a certain extent.

So how long is the service life of an optical fiber laser marking machine?
First of all, as the core component of the fiber laser marking machine, the quality of the laser source affects the working efficiency of the full laser marking machine. Usually the laser lifetime laboratory data is 100,000 hours.

If the laser marking machine works 24 hours a day, It can take 11 years to calculate

Of course, this is the theoretical data of the laboratory, which will be different from the actual production environment .
According to the laser customer data, most of the optical fiber laser marking machines have been used in the user site for 5 years and are running well at present.

So how to deal with emergencies ?

1. if there is any fault in this machine, the power supply should be cut off immediately.
2. when the uv laser marking machine is not working, the power supply of the marking machine and computer should be cut off.
3. when the machine is not working, cover the field lens to prevent dust from contaminating the optical lens.
4. the circuit is in a state of high voltage when the machine is working, non-professionals, do not check and repair it when turning on, so as to avoid electric shock accident.

The daily maintenance of optical fiber laser marking machine is an indispensable work in processing.
The components of the laser marking machine work continuously, and the long-time work will make it wear and tear. These are all matters that customers should pay attention to in the process of operating the laser marking machine.

Without the factory allowed, the customer can not change the advanced parameters of the marking software.

Laser marking machine uses laser technology for marking, the effect of its processing products will not fade because of environmental factors, but its processing environment still needs to be paid attention to.

The environment, temperature and humidity of the processing site should meet the standards, ensure that the place is clean and tidy, and the work table should be kept clean and tidy, so as to ensure that the processing materials are not contaminated and reduce the degree of contamination on the back of the hand.


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