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how to choose the laser marking system for knives tools

There are always logos or other information on knives on the general market
So, how are these marks on the tool produced and processed?
In the past, the mark on the item was selected by the printing ink spraying method, but the ink printing is not only very easy to fade, but also relatively environmentally friendly.
Causes harmful substances and adversely affects the health of workers. Nowadays, due to its good marking effect, anti-wear, safe production and other characteristics, laser can solve the traditional
Ink printing logo production and processing applications are short-lived, easy to blacken, and have a lot of environmental pollution and other problems. Slowly, they fully exert the visible-spot effect in the production line of knives. special
Don't use the long-term marking feature of laser marking, it is more conducive to the company's strict supervision of products, and to suppress the popularity of counterfeit goods at the necessary level.
What materials can the laser marking machine engrave?
The materials available for laser marking machines are very common.The vast majority of metal materials or non-laser materials can be marked by laser, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and the marking is faster.
If you use CO2 laser engraving machine, you can carry out high-quality engraving on wood, plastic, porcelain and other non-metallic materials, and if you use fiber laser marking machine
The vast majority of metal materials (including stainless steel plates, aluminum alloys, etc.) and some non-metallic materials (including plastics, porcelain, etc.) tools are carefully, quickly, and


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